28 April 2014

Mini Adventure!

I'm back from my mini shopping adventure to Perth.
I went with mum on Friday. The plan was to go to IKEA, but we did a few other things as well.

On Friday, being ANZAC Day, everything in the city was closed, so we took the train to Fremantle, which was VERY busy. We did a quick walk around the Fremantle Markets (where I bought some yummy Macarons) and then headed down the the boat harbour to get some fish and chips from Cicerellos :) YUM!

Central Park building and the beautiful blue sky. After that it started rainy, the first rain in Perth all April
Macarons... Cookies & Cream (x2), Rose, Vanilla, Pistashio (my fave),
Banana Bread, Coconut & Raspberry
Cicerello's Landing! Best Fish & Chips in WA!
We then head back to the hotel. Mum went to the Casino, and I hung around the hotel. I had a yummy burrito and churros for dinner and watched some TV. We had some VERY loud neighbours... and by 10.30pm I was over it and was going to complain, but then they left. They must of been getting ready to go out.

On Saturday, we went to IKEA. I met up with my friend Emma and we spent 3 hours wandering around the showrooms, chatting and looking at everything. We had breakfast and went down to the IKEA Market Place and spent all out MONEY! Mum and I spent almost $300 :O

After we went back to the city and I ventured into the city to do some shopping! I went to Quality Comics and bought Ms Marvel #3, Adventure Time vol. 4 and Before Watchman Nite Owl / Dr. Manhatten. I went to Tokyo Underground (who aren't underground anymore, but up a very steep set of stairs) and found these....
... I can finally add Sandor Clegane aka The Hound (from Game Of Throne) and Judge Dredd to my Pop! Vinyl collection! YAY! I also made it to Typo (and bought lots of stationery and a backpack) and to Lush! to buy bath bombs! So many beautiful bath bombs... it was hard to choose!
That night mum and I journeyed through the rain, into Northbridge to go to Hogs Breath Cafe. I was in the middle of developing a cold (which I have now) so we ate quickly and journeyed back to the hotel.

On Sunday, we checked out and made our way to Westfield Carousel for more shopping, I went into Kikki K and bought an awesome whale laptop cover (photo soon). Then we had lunch and journeyed home.

What a crazy weekend. I ended up with a cold, and I'm so happy that I booked off today and tomorrow, months ago. Hopefully I will feel better by Wednesday.

There is a Solar Eclipse tomorrow, but they're forecasting rain all day, so I probably won't get the chance to see it :(

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

<3 Molly

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