11 April 2014

Show & Tell.

Show & Tell - the moment of the week where I let you know what I've been up to. Part life update, part show off! I've decided to split it into categories, feel free to skip parts if you're not interested :)

Now, on with the show!

This week was pretty weird. Without going into too much details, my work is now without a director. The whole dynamic of the centre has changed (for the good) The tension is gone. I feel weird because  last weeks post "Currently..." I mentioned I wanted the tension at world to disappear... and well, it has!

I'm also very excited, next week I have a meeting about doing my Diploma in Children's Services as a traineeship through work. The idea of studying AND working was too much, but this way, I will be assessed on what I do at work already! Plus, hopefully the centre will get some money from the government (which will be an amazing help)!

In other news. I went to Spotlight and bought A LOT of scrapbooking supplies. They were all on special! Lots of letter stickers, paper and embellishments! I'm waiting on some my page protectors so I can try some new designs. I need to start planning some spreads :D

April Studio Calico pack - Blue Grass
I also started a Studio Calico Project Life subscription (every month a box of scrapbooking stuff!!) (to add to my Loot Crate and Nerd Block subscriptions :D) I have also ordered lots of scrapbooking supplies off the internet! I don't even remembered what I ordered, it's going to be an exciting surprise! I must say, I have spent way too much money on this hobby then I should of... and I may spend a small amount of time with regret, but think of all the beautiful things I can make!!

The next purchase will be a printer, and I wouldn't mind a little sewing machine... it can be old, as long as it works :)

Been watching Cosmos. I love it! The universe is amazing! I just can't comprehend how big it is. Plus Neil Degrasse Tyson is awesome!

GAME OF THRONES is back! more Hound, more Brienne of Tarth... (I ship Jamie & Brienne) more awesome! I love it!

gif from Cosmochoria Kickstarter
I backed Cosmochoria on Kickstarter after seeing Simon & Lewis of The Yogscast play it! It's a beautiful looking space game! The idea is to plant seeds and help them grow on planets, in return the planets give you life, there are aliens to fight, and a boss! I have access to Alpha and am looking forward to giving it a go.

Haven't had the chance to play Goat Simulator yet, but the creators have said online that they are working on a Mac version! Hopefully soon!

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