29 April 2014

Solar Eclipse!

There was a solar eclipse today!
It was awesome.
I bought some solar eclipse glasses off eBay a couple of weeks ago, and have been waiting for this day, for a very long time!
It was cloudy, but luckily the clouds cleared a little, enough to get some sneaky peeks as the moon crossed between us and the sun!
When I first looked up at the sun and saw the tiniest part of darkness, I was so overwhelmed, and in awe of how amazing it all was! As I kept checking and more and more of the moon moved across, it just got better!
Mum mentioned she had read something about some visiting astronomers from the US setting up down at the Entertainment Centre, so we head down, expecting it to be packed, to find the astronomers and 4 other people. It was a very upsetting turn out, but that meant more chance to chat to them. One of them is Professor Jay M. Pasachoff. I had never heard of him before, but after googling him when I got home I saw that he is a rather prominent astronomer and scientist. He told me of all his travels and how he never misses a solar eclipse. Albany, so it seems, was the best place (aside from Antarctica) to see this eclipse, and what we sure of it (stupid clouds) was amazing!
the setup. that's the other astronomer and his wife (I assume), I didn't catch their names
It upsets me a little, that so many people didn't realise what was happening just above their heads, that the newspaper had done this tiny article, on the 6th page. There was no mention of it anywhere, the schools couple of come down and listened to the Professors talk about it. It would of been really wonderful. Nobody really cares about science :(

The next eclipse in Albany is in 2023, but you can look online to see when there is one closer to you.

Have you ever seen a solar eclipse? Where you in as much awe as I was? Comment and let me know!

<3 Molly

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