17 April 2014

Things I Love Thursday + Blogging Idea

Waterlogue - an app for your iPhone that turns your photos into beautiful water colours. I'm addicted! I've gone through all my older photos and turned them into beautiful water colours.
My beautiful cousin Seth watching a polaroid photo of himself appear before his eyes! 
(l-r) Original Photo, Natural filter, "It's Technical" filter (my favourite) (click to see the images)

There are 12 different water colour filters, and as the filter is loading you get this really lovely loading screen, where it paints each of the colours to show the whole image! It really is beautiful. I tried it out on some images of space and I got this most amazing image!
I wish I was that good at water colour. It is and always has, been my paint of choice. This is now my phone background and lock screen :)

♥ Long weekend starts tomorrow... 4 days off, followed by a 3 day work week, followed by another 3 day long weekend (which I've extended to 5 days!) YAY! Heading to Perth on the second long weekend to hopefully pick up a typewriter and go to IKEA!

♥ Making some embellishment for my scrapbooking using my badge maker (another failed hobby) at least I'm using what I have and not buying lots of new stuff! :) I went into Red Dot (a cheap variety store) and found stick on gems pack and glitter alpha stickers for $1 each, and went crazy! I know have enough stick on gems to sink a battleship!

♥ Working with children... get Easter gifts from parents! :)

♥ My first scrapbooking supplies parcel arrived today! I had kind of forgotten what I ordered, so it was a surprise... even if something was out of stock and I got something I swear I didn't order... but it's pretty cool anyway!
Received some more boyish stuff, so hopefully I will be able to finish my cousins 5th Birthday page. It looks pretty awesome now, just wait until I add some more awesome stuff!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks for reading. 
I'm thinking of doing a post about Geek Shelves, and inviting people to show off their "Geek Shelves". If you're interested leave me a comment and I might start to actually organise something :)

<3 Molly

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