24 April 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Short and sweet today! I need to pack :D

♥ Go to Google, search "Atari Breakout" then click on Images... You're Welcome!

♥ Project Life || Embellishments - a beautiful post about different embellishments that you can use. It's really useful, and has beautiful photos!

♥ Watermelon Chuppa Chups!

Washi Tape from Rabbit & The Duck - 10 random rolls for $25. I got the whole rainbow!! Marvel in its awesomeness below!

♥ Jot Magazine - free online scrapbooking magazine!

♥ HabitRPG - a RPG for your life. When you complete a task, you earn EXP, when you forget to do a task, you lose EXP! You earn coins to buy pets and upgrades. It's a fun way to sort out your life!

♥ Timber (feat. Ke$ha) - Pitbull ♥ Easter eggs (lots of Easter eggs) ♥ Watching Water Bombers fight fires ♥ travel anticipation ♥ typewriters ♥ BDoubleO100 ♥ The Magicans by Lev Grossman ♥ old photos of Sydney that my dad took

Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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<3 Molly

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