23 April 2014

Wednesday Wishlist - Lumberjack Version!

Wow! This weeks wishlist is looking very lumberjack-y! Probably thanks to the release of the first Lumberjanes comic book. I have a digital copy but am looking forward to getting a hard copy of it soon!!
Wednesday Wishlist

1. ASOS Aztec Pattern Scarf - Love the colours, love the print! I love big bright scarves. I have lots. I need more!

2. Vintage Flannelette Shirts - I bought my first ever flannelette shirt from the mens department at Kmart. It's green, and super warm! I can wear it casually, or wear it with a dress and add a belt! I love it!

3. Lumberjanes #1  - I've been waiting for this comic since I first heard about it, through creator Noelle on Tumbr. It's finally hear and it is so worth it!!

4. Love Heart Leg Warmers - It's getting cold. It's very hard for me to buy tights and leggings in my size in any colour other than black, so leg warmers (or funky knitted socks) seem like the best idea!

5. Kraken Attack Necklace by The Gorgonist - I LOVE PIRATES! Their history, their myths and legends. This necklace is amazing! You also need to check out the other art and necklaces available! They're amazing!

6. Turquoise Rose Stockings - I found these tights on polyvore! AND I NEED THEM!


Tomorrow I will post Things I Love Thursday, and then I'm off for the weekend. We have another Long Weekend (2 in 2 weeks) because it's Anzac Day on Friday. I'm heading to Perth with mum, to do some shopping (comic books, lush & IKEA) and pick up a typewriter! YAY!

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<3 Molly

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