29 May 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday by princessgeek86

- 5 weeks until I go to Sydney with Mum!
- Scott Pilgrim re-read
- Project Life scrapbooking!
- ASOS Biker Parka... it's super warm and I love it!
- Packing Lists... I love lists!
- My suitcase, all cleaned out and ready for another trip away!
- Game Of Thrones... in particular The Hound, Brianne of Tarth and Petyr Baelish!

What are you in love with this week?
Let me know in the comments!

<3 Molly

21 May 2014

Biker Parka & Mood Boards

I've been lusting after this ASOS Biker Parka for ages! Since I first saw it on the website, but at $127, I couldn't justify it, I've been checking on it for awhile, slowly waiting for the price to go down. Then it did to $89... I still urm-ed and ah-ed about it... but I'm heading to Sydney in July (mid winter) and journeying up to The Blue Mountains (average temp of 2-6C) and I don't have a warm coat (only cardigans and daggy hoodies) so I gave in and purchased it yesterday.
I went onto the website today to show my sister what I ordered, to find that the size that I ordered (and all the other sizes, except 1) had sold out! WHAT LUCK!

I love the colour, it's my favourite colour at the moment (and has been for awhile). People thinks it's quite weird. It's nature and earthy... and it pretty much goes with everything... black, white and grey... and then heaps of super bright colours, like turquoise, and hot pink!

My autumn mood board is inspired by blue nebulas, the moon, abandoned overgrown buildings, tea leaves and dark wood floors.
Autumn Moodboard

Autumn Moodboard by princessgeek86

What's your seasons mood board look like? What colours are you excited to wear this winter/summer? Let me know in the comments!

<3 Molly

15 May 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Crafty Stuff & Food
Sticker Star Wall Constellation - make an awesome (and easy) constellation wall in your room!
Magic Custard Cake - The most amazing, yummy cake you'll ever make! It seems hard, but it isn't!
Polly Scrap Project Life Kit - remember when I mentioned Studio Calico scrapbooking kits, well I found a scrapbooking subscription service which is Australian, costs far less, and has more stuff in it!

Misfit Shine - wearable tracking device, that helps track steps, sleep pattern and more... and it's very sleek and cool!

Cat Simulator on Kickstarter... come on guys! Back it please. There isn't much to show for it yet... but the video they have... the details of the cats look amazing! And who can say, they never thought about being a cat!

Let It Go (Punk Version) (Disney Parody) by The Last Sleepless City - you NEED to listen to this, even if it's not your thing.. It's amazing!
Talk Nerdy To Me (Parody) by K-Face Rules - Not a big fan of the original... but this is genius!
The Wizards of Ahhs by Todrick Hall - featuring Pentatonix... so you know it will be good! Plus it's a medley set in the world of Wizard of Oz... it's hard for me to explain, just watch! (below)

bought tickets to The Lion King musical at Capitol Theatre for when I'm in Sydney

What are you loving this Thursday? Let me know in the comments!

<3 Molly

10 May 2014

Travel Excitement!

I have been very sick!
Even now, 2 weeks after the first signs of illness, I'm still sick!
I went to the doctor on Wednesday, it's either pneumonia or asthma. They took blood and gave me lots of antibiotics. It's been 2 days, and I'm not feeling any better :(
The good thing about being sick is sick days. I have had some time to stay warm and catch up on some TV. I finally started Vikings, and I love it!!
I'm a little bit excited. Today mum and I are going to purchase our plane tickets to Sydney! We are going in July, and I'm very excited to be going to Sydney again, especially with mum!
photo by me (February 2012)
I love travelling. I love planning to travel just as much as the travelling itself.
I love to write packing lists (which I've already started for this July trip) but even with all the planning, I still end up overpacking... and then having to pay extra when I come home (due to all the shopping) :(
I understand that being a fat girl, that my clothes take up more room, and one of my biggest stresses is, if I only take one pair of jeans... what happens if I rip a hole in the bum? I won't have any pants... but as I discovered on my Mini Adventure to Perth a couple weekends ago... I just wore the same clothes for all 3 days, AND the world didn't end!

I'm excited about taking my suitcase on holiday again! I bought it in 2010 before heading to Melbourne with my friend Tahlia (especially to see the MOMA Tim Burton Exhibition) and it's so bright, that I never lost it... even with several people "threatening" to steal it.
I added a few stickers, mostly to cover some scratches. I just love it! I also have my Crumpler backpack, which I will probably use as carry on, and in Perth I bought a smaller canvas pack back (that I can fold up and stick in my bigger back pack) So I think I'm all set for bags.

The next step is... clothing! The average July temperature in Sydney is 9-16 degrees Celsius, and in Katoomba (where we will be visiting) it's 2-9 degrees celsius! SO COLD!!!

LAYERS! Lots of layers! Last year when Alex and I were in Sydney at the end on July, it wasn't that cold... and it only rained a tiny bit... (It actually rained more in February 2012, when I first went to Sydney)
And Comfy shoes! so probably converses... they have never steered me wrong!

As the trip comes closer... you will be seeing lots of posts like this... about packing, and traveling and general anxiousness! I love traveling, it just stresses me out a little... because I can't control it :P

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
If you have any travel tips, let me know in the comments :)

<3 Molly

07 May 2014

Wednesday Wishlist

The booky wooky edition! I have a lot of books, as most of you saw in my #geekspace post! I love to read. I have discovered that I own more non-fiction books than fiction books! :)
Here are a few books I really really want to add to my collection!!!

Colour Me Good - Benedict Cumberbatch by Mel Elliott
A BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH Colouring book! How could you not want it?? I love colouring books, I have heaps in my wishlist on Fishpond.

I'm into Pirates... again!
But I don't know too much about real pirates, I googled what the best non-fiction books about pirates are and found these. Under The Black Flag by David Cordingly and A General History of Pirates (written in 1724) by Captain Charles Johnson

Wonders Of Life by Prof. Brian Cox & Andrew Cohen - I have the books that go with the other 2 Wonders series (Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe) so I just need this one to complete my collection. I love Prof Brian Cox, he makes my brain very happy, with his science... and he's good looking too! Plus he has the best "Profound Thinking Face" EVER!

What's on your wishlist? Is there any books that you want? Let me know in the comments!

<3 Molly

05 May 2014

My Blog as a Mix Tape

Joie @ Confessions Of A Book Pimp has set us a challenge! Make a mixtape that represents your blog.
10 songs in total (5 on the A Side, 5 on the B Side) and share them with your readers!

My music tastes vary greatly, depending on my mood etc.
They range from heavy goth metal (Cradle of Filth) to Disney soundtracks, 80s rock ballads, classical and nearly everything in between!
I realised, I have 11 songs not 10 :( but I have 2 Daft Punk songs... so just ignore one :)
I hope you like it!
A Light That Never Comes - Linkin Park
Underwater - Mika
Screw The Nether - In thelittlewood feat. The Yogscast (a parody of Moves Like Jagger)
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Invincible - Muse
Cloud Atlas End Title - Tom Tykwer
Ever After - Marianas Trench
Instant Crush - Daft Punk
Something About Us - Daft Punk
You Say - Claude Rains
Fallen Leaves - Billy Talent

Hope you enjoy!

What songs do love? Which ones do you think represent your blog? Do the post and let us know!!

<3 Molly

04 May 2014

Star Wars Day

May the Fourth be with you!!

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!
I have Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back (my favourite) playing in the background!
I  was planning on wearing a Star Wars tee, but they're either too small or missing :O
I hope everyone has a great day filled with awesome Star Wars stuff!

<3 Molly

01 May 2014

Things I Love Thursday - YouTube Edition

They're pretty much all from BBC Radio 1's youtube! But they're all amazing!!!

The Ballad Of Arthur Darvill by Arthur Darvill (Rory from Doctor Who) (sung to the tune of Let It Go)

Game Of Moans (feat. Sophie Turner AKA Sansa Stark) - OMG Sophie Turner is amazing in this video!

Wolverine The Musical - Hugh Jackman

I love comedy parodies of songs... especially when they're performed by the actually characters :D

Sorry for the lack of posts, still trying to get over my cold :(

<3 Molly