21 May 2014

Biker Parka & Mood Boards

I've been lusting after this ASOS Biker Parka for ages! Since I first saw it on the website, but at $127, I couldn't justify it, I've been checking on it for awhile, slowly waiting for the price to go down. Then it did to $89... I still urm-ed and ah-ed about it... but I'm heading to Sydney in July (mid winter) and journeying up to The Blue Mountains (average temp of 2-6C) and I don't have a warm coat (only cardigans and daggy hoodies) so I gave in and purchased it yesterday.
I went onto the website today to show my sister what I ordered, to find that the size that I ordered (and all the other sizes, except 1) had sold out! WHAT LUCK!

I love the colour, it's my favourite colour at the moment (and has been for awhile). People thinks it's quite weird. It's nature and earthy... and it pretty much goes with everything... black, white and grey... and then heaps of super bright colours, like turquoise, and hot pink!

My autumn mood board is inspired by blue nebulas, the moon, abandoned overgrown buildings, tea leaves and dark wood floors.
Autumn Moodboard

Autumn Moodboard by princessgeek86

What's your seasons mood board look like? What colours are you excited to wear this winter/summer? Let me know in the comments!

<3 Molly

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