15 June 2014

So Excited!

Why hello!
I admit, it's been awhile. I don't have any excuses!
3 weeks until I head to Sydney, and I'm very excited. Today I printed off a packing list I found online, and I've started adding things and crossing things off. I want to start packing now, but I know I can't because I won't have clothes to wear during the next couple of weeks.
It will be my 3rd time in Sydney. I don't have much planned at the moment... going to see The Lion King at Capitol Theatre and hopefully heading up to Katoomba on a day trip. Other than that, nothing, except exploration :)
I can't wait!

My traineeship has started! I'm super pumped to have something to do in the evenings (apart from youtube), but the internet has been really slow lately, so I'm having trouble researching :(

Anyway! I'm hoping to start a regular posting schedule... but don't hold your breath!

<3 Molly

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