26 June 2014

When I talk about things I love... oh and it's Thursday!


♥ The best version of Throw Your Arms Around Me (not by the original singers Hunters and Collectors) by Australia comedy trio The Doug Anthony Allstars. - I don't know what other people say, but in my family this song is called "The Stalker Song" which sounds a little weird, but just listen to some of the lyrics. But this is the BEST. VERSION. EVER! ♥

♥ On Saturday night I'm having a movie night with my friend Jen. She lives in Perth now, but every time she comes to Albany she contacts me to hang out. I think she's the only one of my local friends that realises that I don't like going out, but I'm quite happy to have a movie night / games night etc. The movies we have decided to watch are, Star Trek Into Darkness (in 3D), Pompeii and Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit. ♥

♥ I have gone pretty crazy on Pinterest recently. I have 89 boards at the moment, ranging from geek stuff, movies, science stuff and to activities for children etc. I like to sort my boards out, make sure they're in alphabetical order etc... OCD stuff. You're welcome to check them out. Let me know your Pinterest url and I'll have a look at yours. ♥

♥ just because! ♥ 
so excited!  
♥ counted out my adventure fund today! $414.70! ♥ 
♥ I'm in love with Bo Burnham! He's a comedian and hilarious... in that really sick, naughty, sarcastic humour! LOVE! You can watch his full length show What! on Youtube! ♥

♥ This day... 6 years ago... I got Broadband! ♥

♥ This day... 5 years ago... I went and saw Transformers Revenge of the Fallen ♥

♥ This day... 2 years ago... I was excited about a few things! ♥

♥ My sister and I have been quoting The Mighty Boosh quotes for the last couple of days, so I think it's time for me to re-watch The Mighty Boosh ♥

You know the drill! What do you love this Thursday? Let me know in the comments!

<3 Molly

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