27 July 2014

In the Mail...

Every now and then I get on Kickstarter and look through the projects for something interesting. There is so much crap on there... it's sometimes hard to find the diamonds in the rough! This week I found Hard Work Notebook by Hundred Million... beautifully made notebooks with pages made from stone! I'm crazy about notebooks... I have many, but this one really stuck with me... I bookmarked it and continued searching. I kept going back to it, re-reading the information. I decided to back them. It cost me £14 and I get one Hard Work Notebook. What I love about this notebook is the Isometric print on the pages instead of lines. It creates a beautiful, adaptable, creative area to write or draw or design!
I'm very excited to receive my Hard Work Notebook. It's due to be shipped in September, and as soon as it's arrived I will do a post about it!

Another awesome item I have coming in the mail is Fan Club Badges from Your Fan Club on etsy. I ordered 4, Benedict Cumberbatch fan club, Cat fan club, Dinosaur fan club, and Carl Sagan fan club.
I have some suggestions of pins I want... Neil Degrasse Tyson, Edmond Halley, The Yogscast, The Hound (GOT), Harry Potter etc.

I've been wanting to buy this book since I saw it, but when I went back to buy it, it was gone. I've been watching it's price online for over a year, I refuse to pay more than $15 for a children's book! It finally dropped to $9.99 on Fishpond.com.au so I ordered it... all ready for Fathers Day in September...
It's a guide to all the different sorts of Dads in the world... like Rock N Roll Dad, Geek Dad, Sports Dad etc. The Geek Dad page is my favourite, when I get the book I will show you. It's full of awesome geekiness!

I love getting mail, but I really need to stop spending money and start saving.
Thanks for reading :D

<3 Molly

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