24 July 2014

Things I Love Thursday

After Ever After 2 - Paint - My sister showed me this video a little while ago, but I've only just got around to posting it. This guy is a genius! If you haven't seen After Ever After part 1 click here... he also did Harry Potter in 99 Seconds (which is genius!)

♥ The Queen's Guard play the Game Of Thrones theme song at the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

♥ I am yet to finish The Magicians by Lev Grossman (yeah, I'm a slow reader)... but OMG I'm starting to get really into it! Book 3 in out in August. I'm very excited about getting the box set once it's out to add to my ever growing book collection!

The Lion King (Original Broadway Cast Recording) has been playing on repeat ever since I got back from Sydney! The Lion King was AMAZING! The costumes, the sets, the lighting, and of course the actors/singers were freaking amazing!!!

The Book Group - it can only be describe as a Scottish soap opera from 2003. It was super tragic, and trashy.... but amazing, I couldn't stop watching. There are only 2 series. It's about an American woman who moved to Scotland and started a book group to meet people. What ensues is a collection of random characters, including 3 football wives (one from Netherlands, one from Sweden and one from Scotland) who are all have marital issues... a closeted gay football fan (who's sleeping with one of the husbands), a drug addicted literature student, and a man in a wheelchair (played by The Hound from Game Of Thrones (Rory McCann).... the reason I watched in the first place). It's hard to explain. My poor bestie Emma, received many frustrated messages about how much I hated certain characters... and then loved them, then hated them... I think in the end she was just ignoring them!
I had to buy the 2 series on DVD from Fishpond... I'm not sure were in the world you will find it!

What have you loved this week? let me know in the comments, I'm always looking for new awesome things to look at :D

<3 Molly

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