12 August 2014

Bucket List

This is an ongoing, ever changing list of epic-ness.
It's pretty self explanatory!

Also see: 30 Before 30 for my short term goals :)

See A Comet.
COMPLETED - 14th - 26th January 2007
The most amazing thing I've ever seen in the whole universe. I don't think much will top it. The day I remember the most, was during my friends birthday, we were out on a boat, it was so dark and I just sat on the boat and watched it all night. My friends didn't care about this huge bright light, with a HUGE tail in the sky, they didn't care that this comet wouldn't be back for 2 million years... they just wanted to get drunk... this was the last party I was ever invited to (and I'm not complaining :D)

See a Solar Eclipse.
COMPLETED - 29th April 2014
Partial Solar Eclipse. Albany, WA, Aust.
I booked the day off work, just so I could watch the eclipse. It was a little cloudy, but through the clouds I was able to watch the moon move in front of the sun. I met Astronomer Jay Pasachoff, who had travelled from the US to Albany, to watch it! Best "sickie" ever!

Visit the Equator
The plan… Head to Pontianak, Indonesia!

See 5 Major musical productions
1. Phantom of the Opera at Burswood Theatre (Perth) - 2008
2. The Lion King at Capitol Theatre (Sydney) - 5th July 2014
3. Les Miserables at Crown Theatre (Perth) - 23rd January 2015
4. Wicked at Crown Theatre (Perth) - 16th May 2015

See a Musical on Broadway

Go to the Airport and buy a random ticket anywhere

Get A Tattoo
Weigh Under 100kg
Completed - 30th March 2015

Stargaze on The Nullaboor Plains

Go Skinny Dipping

See The Northern Hemisphere Stars

Experience Zero Gravity

See the Curve in the Horizon of Earth

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

See the Aurora Borealis

See the Aurora Australis

Travel First Class

Participate in a Colour Run

Leave a lovely note in a library book

Release a Paper Lantern

Visit where the Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean meet

Swim in the major oceans
Southern Ocean - Albany, WA, Australia. (every time I swim at the beach)
Indian Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Ocean

Go to San Diego Comic-Con

Go to Mine-Con

Own a Cat
Completed - 31st March 2015
adopted Fenrir :)

See a Volcano Erupt

See a Tornado

Buy a Bicycle
COMPLETED - 25th December 2014
Albany, WA, Aust.
My mum and dad helped me buy a bike. It’s a Trek Marlin and it’s beautiful and I’m in love with it!

Go Sky-Diving

Swim With Whale Sharks

Go Bungy-Jumping

Places To Visit
New Zealand
Easter Island

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