16 August 2014


I just ordered a Nutribullet.
I have been um-ing and ah-ing about getting one for a couple of months now.
I did some research between the MagicBullet and the NurtiBullet and decided the NutriBullet fitted my needs. I read good... and bad reviews, I asked friends and family members and I watched lots of videos.
After my surgery, I will have to spend a month or two eating liquid and pureed food, and I don't own a blender... so I decided that it would be much easier on me if I got one. I know there are many different blenders on the market... but ever since I first saw the infomercial for the MagicBullet all those years ago, I loved the look and ease of it... Then the NutriBullet was released.

Tomorrow I'm off to Perth with my sister Alex. I'm going up for 3 doctors appointments over 2 days, and Alex is coming as support... but mostly because we're going to IKEA!
I love IKEA, I don't care what people say about it! They say it's expensive, but I need some simple bookshelves and there is nowhere in my town that I can get any bookshelves under $300... so IKEA is the next best thing... plus work has asked me to get some plastic bowls etc.

I'm leaving with my room very messy, which is what I did when I went to Sydney... I know I should probably give it a tidy before I leave, especially if I'm coming back with new furniture.

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<3 Molly

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