14 August 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have been very busy with work, and prepping (physically & mentally) for future surgery! Plus I haven't really felt that inspired to post. Sorry :(

But here's Things I Love Thursday... A few things around the internet that I'm loving at the moment. ENJOY!

Leatherdos Hair Clip Multi Tool - A survival tool, that you can wear everywhere...
DIY Paper Floral Headpiece - very pretty, very easy, very colourful!
Boom Studio Humble Bundle - pay $15 or more and get HEAPS of awesome digital comics, including Lumberjanes
Midori Traveler Notebook - I've been eyeing them off for awhile, and I finally ordered one... even thought I'm suppose to be saving money for my surgery... I ordered mine from Bookbinders (Australian site) as well as some refills from etsy. I ordered a regular sized Brown Midori Traveler Notebook, and a few different refills (including Grid, Lined, Daily planner, monthly planner and a zipper pocket)
Peerless Watercolour Paints - The most amazing idea... water colour paints that are simply a small piece of paper... 60 colours! You get a 2in x 2in square of each colour... and you can cut them up and create your own palette.
Animagus Adventures!
Animagus Adventures! by highlyfunctioningsociopath featuring a cat throw pillow

My sister made this awesome set on polyvore! It's very cool! I love it! check out her sets!
Postcrossing - send postcards to strangers all over the world, and receive postcards from all over the world... who doesn't love mail?!?!

I hope everyone is well. I'm off to Perth on the weekend for a series of doctors appointments, and hopefully to get a date for my surgery. Don't stress, it's nothing serious :) you can read all about it here!

<3 Molly

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