05 September 2014

Jubly-Umph Mystery Box

Jubly-Umph.... an Australian maker of awesome jewellery is selling a special The Great Jubly-Umph Mystery Box... for $50! $100 worth of items for $50... and it's just for this weekend!
They have some really wonderful items! Such as...

There is so many more awesome things! Just take a look! (they're limited... so hurry)
It's my first purchase from them, but my sister has purchased items from them before, so I know the items are made really well! I can't wait to see what I get!!

I will definitely do a post when I get it. I'm going to be stuck in Perth, away from home for almost 2 weeks at the end of September, so expect a lot of blog posts... or none! I really need to plan what I need to take... it will be the longest I'm ever been away from home, in a different city!! It's going to be hard and I'll probably be a little emotional!

I need some blogging ideas... let me know in the comments!

<3 Molly

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