30 November 2014

Goodbye November

Tomorrow is December.
Another whole year almost done!
What a year!

Here are a few awesome things I've found on the internet.

Love the colours, Love the Sparkle!

Art Prints

iPhone 6 Plus Wallet
I ordered my iPhone 6 Plus
and I'm so paranoid that I will break it
Every time I buy a new piece of tech I feel like this!

Linky Links

16 Homemade Cookie Butter Recipes - I want to live vicariously through my readers... because I can't have Cookie Butter :(

100 Creative Ideas from Keri Smith - Need inspiration? Try these!

Pixeltrek.com - Explore the Enterprise in Pixel Art!!! It's amazing!

22 November 2014

Birthday Present Haul...

This is a super special post today... It features a video... of me, showing you what I received for my birthday!
Please excuse the mess, the low sound quality and my horrible voice!

12 November 2014

Wednesday Wishlist - Birthday Edition!

Birthday Wishlist 2014!

Birthday Wishlist 2014! by princessgeek86

It's my 28th Birthday very soon (20th) so here is a special Wednesday Wishlist

♥ Doc Martens
♥ any Slytherin related apparel
♥ Terry's Chocolate Orange... YUM!
♥ iPhone 6 Plus 128gb in Space Grey (still waiting for my phone company to get some in stock)
♥ Manic Panic hair die in what ever colour that it :P
♥ Jayne & Wash Pop! Vinyls
♥ Benedict Cumberbatch colouring in book
♥ Ben & Jerry's ice-cream... any flavour!

28 seems so old.
I try not to dwell on where I am in the world at this point.
I'm happy and my life is moving forwards :)

Hope everyone has a great week
6 weeks until Christmas :P

08 November 2014

5 Fandom Friday - Food

My 5 Favourite Comfort Foods

Since having a sleeve gastrectomy, my relationship with food has changed. I used to use food as a way of comforting myself, when I was anxious, or sad, or angry, I ate! This was the main problem.
My relationship with food has changed. At first I thought I'd done a stupid thing... "what was I to do to comfort myself?" "Will I ever enjoy the food I love again?"

I'm going to do 2 lists today. A pre-surgery comfort food list, and a post-surgery comfort food list.

Pre-Surgery Comfort Food
  1. Meatlovers Pizza (a whole large pizza!)
  2. Bacon and Fried Eggs on Toast
  3. Meat Pies with Tomato Sauce
  4. Whopper with Cheese from Hungry Jack
  5. Pepsi Max
Post-Surgery Comfort Food
  1. Roasted Sweet Potato
  2. Scrambled Eggs
  3. Choc-Date Balls
  4. Home-made Cheese Pizza
  5. Slushies made with Frozen Watermelon
Big difference!! :)

<3 Molly

03 November 2014


It's November!
My birth month... the best month of the year.
It's spring time, and the weather is nice...
I love November.

I'm starting an Art Journal.
I signed up for a class on Studio Calico called Paint. Plan. Play. and I'm looking forward to letting my imagination and creativity flow!

My November Mood Board is up on Pinterest.
I add to it daily! Please feel free to have a look!

Follow Melissa Bunn's board Mood Board - November 2014. on Pinterest.

<3 Molly