12 November 2014

Wednesday Wishlist - Birthday Edition!

Birthday Wishlist 2014!

Birthday Wishlist 2014! by princessgeek86

It's my 28th Birthday very soon (20th) so here is a special Wednesday Wishlist

♥ Doc Martens
♥ any Slytherin related apparel
♥ Terry's Chocolate Orange... YUM!
♥ iPhone 6 Plus 128gb in Space Grey (still waiting for my phone company to get some in stock)
♥ Manic Panic hair die in what ever colour that it :P
♥ Jayne & Wash Pop! Vinyls
♥ Benedict Cumberbatch colouring in book
♥ Ben & Jerry's ice-cream... any flavour!

28 seems so old.
I try not to dwell on where I am in the world at this point.
I'm happy and my life is moving forwards :)

Hope everyone has a great week
6 weeks until Christmas :P

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