31 December 2014

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2014.

It's the end of 2014.
What a year!
Bring on 2015.
But what can I do to make 2015 not just another year, another "just wandering through life" year. I want it to be a "OMG! AWESOME! Exploring the world, super crazy AMAZING" year.
How will I go about it!?
There is one step!!!

Step One:
Don't Panic, Just Start!
It's my life motto (Don't Panic) with an extra bit of Urmph!
If I make a mistake along the way, it doesn't matter! Mistakes make life interesting, and help us learn.


The New Years Resolutions.
In 2014, I didn't really worry about new years resolutions. I failed my 2012 & 2013 bucket lists. So this year I'm going to keep it simple.

Be a better friend - i.e. Birthday Cards on my friends and families birthdays!
Look after myself - i.e. Get to my goal weight, Exercise and eat well! No diets, no stresses over bad days, or missed days of exercise... just be Happy with myself.
Be a better blogger - i.e. read more blogs, leave more comments, and just continue evolving my blog
Don't Stress about Money - i.e. "YOU WORK FULL TIME... you shouldn't be worried about MONEY!"
Be a better work colleague - i.e. no more negativity, no more stressing over things I can't control... relax and be happy!

That's it.

I have a few things to look forward to in 2015.
seeing Les Miserables and Wicked in Perth...
and the big one!! Actually physically travelling to a different country! Contiki Tour to New Zealand. Which, not only will be my first time overseas, I will be travelling on my own... in a tour full of people I don't know, and having to share rooms... which is a whole another ball game! BUT IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!

2014 Recap

My blog turned 6! - in January
I bought myself a backpack for Valentines Day - in February
Discovered my love for Project Life scrapbooking - in March
Solar Eclipse - in April
Mini trip to Perth with Mum - in April
Sydney Trip with Mum - in July
First appointment with weight loss surgeon - in July
Started pre-surgery diet - in August
One year at full time job - in August
Turned 28 - in November
Dad's Wedding - in December

<3 Molly

26 December 2014

December Daily - Day 26

My cousin planned an epic Christmas party
which included a bouncy castle and a swimming pool!

It was such a fun relaxed day.
Here are some photos!

three sisters enjoying the bouncy castle a little too much for people over 20!

<3 Molly

25 December 2014

December Daily - CHRISTMAS

first things first... I have forgotten to post on a couple of days... in particular, the last couple of days. I've been so busy with the run up until Christmas, the posts were forgotten!!


I will update you on my Christmas later in the week, when I recover from my food coma! :)

<3 Molly

22 December 2014

December Daily - Day 22

Trying to get inspired to do some Project Life scrapbooking.
I haven't scrapbooked in a long time.
I've sorted through my PL cards and removed some (I have so many!)
So now I have less, and it's not as daunting to start!

<3 Molly

21 December 2014

December Daily - Day 21 - Currently...

Making: an inspiration board for 2015, to keep me inspired throughout the year.

Cooking: nothing. I haven't done any proper cooking in ages

Drinking: Water, and lots of it... but still not enough!

Reading: I'm between books at the moment. Recommendations are welcome.

Wanting: To get better, so I can ride my bike. Also money for my trip to New Zealand

Looking: fabulous!

Playing: Minecraft :)

Deciding: what to do over my Christmas break

Wishing: that 2015 is going to be AWESOME!

Enjoying: Watching Dan & Phil play The Sims 4 and planning my 2015 New Years Revolutions

Waiting: for Christmas break... and my haircut!

Liking: pinterest... seriously, I'm addicted to Pinterest. I no longer google things... I will look them up on Pinterest instead.

Loving: Christmas time, thunderstorms, coloured pencils, pen pals, blogging inspiration

Pondering: haircut ideas

Considering: haircut ideas

Watching: Dan & Phil... and also going to watch Robbie The Reindeer later! YAY!

Hoping: that I'm better by Christmas

Smelling: Nothing... my nose is blocked

Wearing: clothes that are too big for me! YAY!

Following: lots of new boards on pinterest.

Noticing: how excited children get when Santa is around

Thinking: what else I need to do before Christmas and new year.

Feeling: a little irritable today, but I'm trying to relax and chill :D
Sorting: my room out... again!

Buying: nothing... I'm broke

Getting: nothing until Christmas. I've been told.

Bookmarking: Pins I can try next year!

Disliking: slow drivers :)

Opening: Mail... scrapbooking subscription kits from Studio Calico and Scrappy Canary

Giggling: funny cat videos!

Snacking: red liquorice

Coveting: awesome clothes, that I will fit into one day!
Hearing: Olly Murs

WOW! That's a pretty epic currently list! Hope you enjoyed my rambles!

<3 Molly

20 December 2014

December Daily - Day 20

adventure is out there!

adventure is out there! by princessgeek86

I wish I wasn't sick.
I just want to ride my bike.

I hope I'm better by Christmas!

I went a little crazy on Kickstarter yesterday!
Here are the projects I backed!!!

Fred Water Flask
To The Moon
Quarter Coin Ring

They're all still running at the moment! Check them out!
I particularly love the Fred Water Flask video! (It has Rhys Darby in it)

<3 Molly

19 December 2014

December Daily - Day 19

I have a hairdressing appointment after work on Tuesday.
I'm getting the "New Me" haircut. Something very drastic!
I'm excited and a little scared :D

I'm also wearing a one-piece bathing suit for the first time, in a very long time!!!
Thats pretty exciting too!!!

3 work days left at work... but that is including the rather lazy Christmas Eve, were only 10 children show up, and we watch movies and have fun and relax all day! plus Christmas lunch, and secret santa! My sister bought an ugly Christmas sweater, which I'm allowed to wear on Christmas Eve! YAY!

It's all rather exciting! YAY Christmas!

18 December 2014

December Daily - Day 18

One week until Christmas!
Only have one more Christmas present to buy.

I don't have much to share today.
I was going to do a Things I Love Thursday, but my internet is very slow, so I'm unable to find any pictures to share!

Have you ever had sea salt chocolate? I thought it would be strange... but it's pretty amazing!! it's called Willie's Cacao! So Yum!!

If you have the chance to try some... do it! There was lots of different flavours, but I've only tried Sea Flakes. :)

Let the Christmas countdown begin!

<3 Molly

17 December 2014

December Daily - Day 17

We did artwork at work today! The children helped me cover the pavement with colours!!!
So much fun!!

I also bought some work out clothes!
I know right... EXERCISE clothes... made just for Exercise!

I went for another bike ride today!
I'm loving it so much!

15 December 2014

December Daily - Day 15

OMG! Have you heard about what is happening in Sydney!? So scary! I hope everyone gets out uninjured, but imagine the emotional and mental toll it would take! I can't even imagine!!

14 December 2014

December Daily - Day 14

Last night I watched Sex Tap with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel. It was good, just the standard sort of adult comedy, it had lots of sex, lots of laughs and a lot of silly moments, but you could see something like this actually happening to some poor sod!

I then watched Lucy with Scarlet Johansson. IT WAS AMAZING! Within the first 16 minutes of the film, I knew I was in for a treat! It took me until half way the film to realise it was written and directed by Luc Besson (Leon The Professional and The Fifth Element (just to name a few of his awesome films!)) It was such an engaging film, and Scarlet is amazing!!! I highly recommend this one! (even if it ended quite abruptly!)

I went for another bike ride today. A little bit further this time. I almost rode into a ditch, but I managed to avoid it! I'm already planning to ride to work (which is only 800m away) but I'm a little paranoid about the traffic. I don't think I'm confident enough to ride on the roads with traffic yet.

I need to start planning some blog posts. I'm having trouble thinking of things to post about daily. I procrastinate if I have to plan something, that's usually why I just go with the flow. It's the same with my work and study. If I'm told to do this and this... I will put it off and procrastinate!! I'm seriously the worst! Like the fact I have 6 letters in my bag that need to be posted... Christmas cards going overseas, which will most likely not get there in time... They have been in my bag for a week!! And lets not get started about my study! So far behind! I'm useless!

My most played song today is: "Dear Darlin'" by Olly Murs


13 December 2014

December Daily - Day 13

I have a bike. I can now strike it off my bucket list!
I didn't set out to actually own this bike today.
The idea was to layby it.
I put some money down and post a photo online.
Mum rang and asked were I got it from.
2 hours later she rang me and told me to go and pick it up!
AAAAHHHHH! So excited!
I went for a ride! It was only a short ride. I want to ride it forever, but I know I can't. I'm still very unfit!! But the goal is to be able to ride to work (down hill) and ride home again (up hill)!

YAY for early Christmas presents!

<3 Molly Skywalker

12 December 2014

December Daily - Day 12

Went out tonight for my step brothers birthday.
We went to an Indian restaurant, and I ate too much!
I'm not a fan of curry!

I have acquired my cousins Christmas present!
Minecraft Lego. It is very cool! I want some for myself :D

Tomorrow I'm going to look at bikes!
I'm very excited!
I can't wait!

<3 Molly Skywalker

11 December 2014

December Daily - Day 11

I booked off 4 weeks in September next year for my trip to New Zealand.
Next pay day I'm going to book my contiki tour! I'm very excited!

10 December 2014

December Daily - Day 10

Another sick day!
I hate sick days when I'm so busy!
We have a rent inspection tomorrow and I've been feeling too unwell to even do simple cleaning... which makes me feel bad, because it means everyone else has to do it :(
Not to mention, I'm in the middle of a work/traineeship thing at work. So there is 2 days gone... and the lecturer wants me to hand it in... but it's not finished yet!! :(
I only have 2 more weeks left at work... 2 more weeks to finish everything that needs to be finished! I don't have the time!
I have also started eating crap... again :( which isn't helping my weight loss... which has completely stopped, give or take a few grams up and down, here and there. I know I should stress about my weight loss... it will happen, but I feel so unsupported... mum still brings home crap, and it's still in the house, for me to find. I know it's not 100% her fault... I need to have better self control, but my emotions have always controlled my eating!
It's time to get the exercise happening. For real.
I'm hopefully getting a bike for Christmas, but until then, I just need to walk!

09 December 2014

December Daily - Day 09 - 80 Days

I'm sick today.
I went to work and lasted an hour.
I just felt nauseous and dizzy.
It's probably related to lack of water... but hopefully it's just a cold or something.
I've spent the last couple of hours in front go the TV playing 80 Days on my iPhone.
It's a steampunk choose your own adventure game, passed on Around The World In 80 Days.
It was a great game. It did have a lot of text... I did a TL;DR version, where I just skipped most of the text (I probably missed most of the story)
You play as Passepartout, and your job is to successfully get Fogg around the world in 80 Days, without killing him (Fogg, not yourself) and losing all your money.
There are heaps of different outcomes... it's fabulous... I got proposed to in Sweden (then robbed), arrested in Russia, and kissed a male mardi gras participant in New Orleans! (which according to my itinerary.... was Death!) I finished my first journey in 67 days!
I can't wait to play again and head down a different route. I can see multiple play-throughs of this game!
If you have a chance to play this game, give it a go! It's available on the Apple Store, and will be available for Android soon!
What a wonderful way to spend a sick day! Now I wish I would feel better!!

08 December 2014

December Daily - Day 08

I'm just counting down the days until the end of the year.
Just over 2 weeks until the Christmas break, and then the room changes.
I'm hanging out for the room changes, I just can't wait to be in a new environment, with a new educator and new children (even if they're babies!)

My NZ trip is on my mind. I was going to book it for September... but I'm thinking November now.
But, there is less chance of snow in November...
I don't know!
I really want to be in Queenstown, or Christchurch... or somewhere on the 1 year anniversary of my surgery! I just want 2015 to be a huge, action packed year... not like the past couple of years, that I just sort of slowly waddled through, with not much care!

I have Supanova in June
Then my purposed trip in September (or November)
I want to do the Colour Run in Perth (if it's on next year)
and I just want to be more adventurous!

I also want to appreciate my friends a little more. I've already started this, by giving Birthday cards to my friends on there birthdays... like physical actual birthday cards :D
I also have 3 pen pals now... that I need to write too :D
Or at least send Christmas cards too :D

I may be getting a bicycle for Christmas!
My doctor has told me I should be cycling to help lose weight
I'm going out with my dad on Saturday morning to have a look at them.
I found the one that I want...
Isn't it beautiful!?? I would name him Marlin (because thats the name of the bike!) hopefully our local retailer can get me one :D :D... unless I find one I like more!

What do you want for Christmas? Leave a comment :D
Thanks for reading!

07 December 2014

December Daily - Day 07

I've started a pen pal kit, full of cards and stickers etc.
I have 3 pen pals through #IGGPPC, and I recently signed up for Postcrossing.
I'm not very good at being a pen pal!
I will try :D

I did some Christmas shopping yesterday.
I bought some presents for my dad and his partner
and a gift for Alex.

I still need to get something for my other sister Kaitlin.
She got given a new kitten by the ranger yesterday.
He's tiny and ginger and very cute.
She has named him Dewey, after the Dewey Decimal System (because she works at the library)

I created a Pen Pal board on Pinterest.

Follow Melissa's board Pen Pal. on Pinterest.

Hope everyone had a great weekend :D

06 December 2014

December Daily - Day 06

I survived my work Christmas lunch
I had a chicken salad and it was yummy.
It was a good lunch. There was a little bit of bitching... but that happens at most work places... not much I can do about that.

In the evening we went to the Christmas Pageant. It was really nice. The weather was nice, and we met up with my aunt & uncle, and cousins. We saw Santa, and my cousins where very excited!

Here's a few photos from yesterday.

I also, after weeks of searching, found the Christmas present I wanted to buy for my 5 year old cousin... Minecraft Lego! I had to order it, but I have been promised it will show up before Christmas. :)

Thanks for reading

05 December 2014

December Daily - Day 05

It's the weekend! YAY!

Tomorrow I have my work Christmas party, at a restaurant... We will see how that goes, with the whole, me not being able to eat much... I wonder what sort of food they have, that I can eat!
It will be fun, and I'm not going to cancel... or wuss out! (stupid social events)

Only a very short post today!
Thanks for Listening :D

04 December 2014

December Daily - Day 04

I want to go to New Zealand.
And I think 2015 is the year to do it!
My co-ordinator at work is from New Zealand, and she was very excited when I told her.
I don't know whether to do a Contiki Tour, or just plan it myself.
I'm thinking to plan it myself. I'm going on my own!

Now to decide how, and when!

03 December 2014

December Daily - Day 03 - 50 Things To Be Happy About...

I wrote my own 50 Things To Be Happy About list. Do you like it?
I decided that my new Hard Work notebook would become my newest journal... probably another notebook that will go unfinished... but hey! I'm going to try!

We have a new photocopier at work... and it's pretty amazing, considering the one that we had previously. It's very flash, it's going to make work a lot easier! YAY!

We did the dreaded pantry clean out today. We have a lot of tinned corn, and beetroot! Weird!

I'm starting to sort out my New Years Resolutions... I'm no good at doing them... I don't really like calling them New Years Resolutions... so I think I might just do another yearly bucket list... (even though I've failed the last couple of years)

Stay tuned!

02 December 2014

December Daily - Day 02

Telltales's Game Of Thrones game looks really good!
I'll probably never play it, but I'm certainly going to enjoy watching the play throughs on YouTube.

50 things to be happy about
I found this today, exactly at the right time, when I needed it!
I've been finding myself having anxiety attacks pretty regularly, and over really trivial things, like the dishes, and if I drop things! So I need to find a way to calm myself down. I'm hoping to do some meditation classes, and my doctor wants me to start riding a bike!
I'm going to try and do my own "50 Things To Be Happy About..." list.

I have a question for my readers, particularly the ones who use planners/journal/notebooks... How many notebooks do you have going at once? Do you have multiple? I have so many notebooks/journals etc... and they always end up half full, and then I'm bored of them... How do I stop that???? :)

See you tomorrow!

01 December 2014

December Daily - Day 01

The goal: To post everyday in December!
Will I do it? Probably not... but I'm going to try!

It's like Christmas has come early!
I've lost a total of 30kg since August 28th...
I received my first physical Kickstarter reward... the Hard Work notebook by Hundred Million... and;
my iPhone 6 Plus arrived... 3 weeks early!!
Look at the size difference (iPhone 5)! It's so shiny and new... and I'm terrified I will break it!!! I have named him (I like to name inanimate objects) "Montaro" which means "Big Boy" in Japanese.

See you tomorrow!