02 December 2014

December Daily - Day 02

Telltales's Game Of Thrones game looks really good!
I'll probably never play it, but I'm certainly going to enjoy watching the play throughs on YouTube.

50 things to be happy about
I found this today, exactly at the right time, when I needed it!
I've been finding myself having anxiety attacks pretty regularly, and over really trivial things, like the dishes, and if I drop things! So I need to find a way to calm myself down. I'm hoping to do some meditation classes, and my doctor wants me to start riding a bike!
I'm going to try and do my own "50 Things To Be Happy About..." list.

I have a question for my readers, particularly the ones who use planners/journal/notebooks... How many notebooks do you have going at once? Do you have multiple? I have so many notebooks/journals etc... and they always end up half full, and then I'm bored of them... How do I stop that???? :)

See you tomorrow!

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