03 December 2014

December Daily - Day 03 - 50 Things To Be Happy About...

I wrote my own 50 Things To Be Happy About list. Do you like it?
I decided that my new Hard Work notebook would become my newest journal... probably another notebook that will go unfinished... but hey! I'm going to try!

We have a new photocopier at work... and it's pretty amazing, considering the one that we had previously. It's very flash, it's going to make work a lot easier! YAY!

We did the dreaded pantry clean out today. We have a lot of tinned corn, and beetroot! Weird!

I'm starting to sort out my New Years Resolutions... I'm no good at doing them... I don't really like calling them New Years Resolutions... so I think I might just do another yearly bucket list... (even though I've failed the last couple of years)

Stay tuned!

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