08 December 2014

December Daily - Day 08

I'm just counting down the days until the end of the year.
Just over 2 weeks until the Christmas break, and then the room changes.
I'm hanging out for the room changes, I just can't wait to be in a new environment, with a new educator and new children (even if they're babies!)

My NZ trip is on my mind. I was going to book it for September... but I'm thinking November now.
But, there is less chance of snow in November...
I don't know!
I really want to be in Queenstown, or Christchurch... or somewhere on the 1 year anniversary of my surgery! I just want 2015 to be a huge, action packed year... not like the past couple of years, that I just sort of slowly waddled through, with not much care!

I have Supanova in June
Then my purposed trip in September (or November)
I want to do the Colour Run in Perth (if it's on next year)
and I just want to be more adventurous!

I also want to appreciate my friends a little more. I've already started this, by giving Birthday cards to my friends on there birthdays... like physical actual birthday cards :D
I also have 3 pen pals now... that I need to write too :D
Or at least send Christmas cards too :D

I may be getting a bicycle for Christmas!
My doctor has told me I should be cycling to help lose weight
I'm going out with my dad on Saturday morning to have a look at them.
I found the one that I want...
Isn't it beautiful!?? I would name him Marlin (because thats the name of the bike!) hopefully our local retailer can get me one :D :D... unless I find one I like more!

What do you want for Christmas? Leave a comment :D
Thanks for reading!

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