10 December 2014

December Daily - Day 10

Another sick day!
I hate sick days when I'm so busy!
We have a rent inspection tomorrow and I've been feeling too unwell to even do simple cleaning... which makes me feel bad, because it means everyone else has to do it :(
Not to mention, I'm in the middle of a work/traineeship thing at work. So there is 2 days gone... and the lecturer wants me to hand it in... but it's not finished yet!! :(
I only have 2 more weeks left at work... 2 more weeks to finish everything that needs to be finished! I don't have the time!
I have also started eating crap... again :( which isn't helping my weight loss... which has completely stopped, give or take a few grams up and down, here and there. I know I should stress about my weight loss... it will happen, but I feel so unsupported... mum still brings home crap, and it's still in the house, for me to find. I know it's not 100% her fault... I need to have better self control, but my emotions have always controlled my eating!
It's time to get the exercise happening. For real.
I'm hopefully getting a bike for Christmas, but until then, I just need to walk!

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