21 December 2014

December Daily - Day 21 - Currently...

Making: an inspiration board for 2015, to keep me inspired throughout the year.

Cooking: nothing. I haven't done any proper cooking in ages

Drinking: Water, and lots of it... but still not enough!

Reading: I'm between books at the moment. Recommendations are welcome.

Wanting: To get better, so I can ride my bike. Also money for my trip to New Zealand

Looking: fabulous!

Playing: Minecraft :)

Deciding: what to do over my Christmas break

Wishing: that 2015 is going to be AWESOME!

Enjoying: Watching Dan & Phil play The Sims 4 and planning my 2015 New Years Revolutions

Waiting: for Christmas break... and my haircut!

Liking: pinterest... seriously, I'm addicted to Pinterest. I no longer google things... I will look them up on Pinterest instead.

Loving: Christmas time, thunderstorms, coloured pencils, pen pals, blogging inspiration

Pondering: haircut ideas

Considering: haircut ideas

Watching: Dan & Phil... and also going to watch Robbie The Reindeer later! YAY!

Hoping: that I'm better by Christmas

Smelling: Nothing... my nose is blocked

Wearing: clothes that are too big for me! YAY!

Following: lots of new boards on pinterest.

Noticing: how excited children get when Santa is around

Thinking: what else I need to do before Christmas and new year.

Feeling: a little irritable today, but I'm trying to relax and chill :D
Sorting: my room out... again!

Buying: nothing... I'm broke

Getting: nothing until Christmas. I've been told.

Bookmarking: Pins I can try next year!

Disliking: slow drivers :)

Opening: Mail... scrapbooking subscription kits from Studio Calico and Scrappy Canary

Giggling: funny cat videos!

Snacking: red liquorice

Coveting: awesome clothes, that I will fit into one day!
Hearing: Olly Murs

WOW! That's a pretty epic currently list! Hope you enjoyed my rambles!

<3 Molly

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