23 January 2015

Songs That Changed My Life

It's 5 Fandom Friday time. This weeks theme is "Songs That Changed My Life"
I love music. I can't go a day without listening to music! My music tastes vary from new hits, 80s power ballads, soundtracks, classics... It was hard to come up with 5 songs that changed my life, I could of gone on forever!

12 January 2015

New Zealand 2015 - Backpacks & Luggage!

I spent most of last night looking for backpacks online.
Even though I have a perfectly good Crumpler ASO Outpost backpack.
So I have given up the backpack search and I'm going to travel to NZ with my 25L backpack.
3 weeks with 25L of space (plus an extra bag (maybe a messenger bag))
As a chronic overpacker... this may be difficult for me, hence why I'm starting to plan now.
I'm thinking of getting one of these too...
A Crumpler Squid it's a stowable backpack. It unfolds to create a full size backpack. (and the colour I would choose is called "Snot Green" LOL!)
So that would give me 45L of packing space for my trip!

The next question will be... to laptop, or not to laptop!
I have a 11inch Macbook Air, so it's not going to take much room... but I hardly use it... and I have an iPhone 6 Plus now... so I probably wouldn't need to use it... at the moment I'm going with NO... but being able to watch a movie, or TV show on the road and in the evening... might be a good idea. It would fit, I have a dedicated space for it, in my Outpost.

I guess the most important thing to do is...
I cannae go anywhere without passport!

I swear I'm not that excited!

<3 Molly

11 January 2015

New Zealand 2015 - The Beginning!

My Contiki tour in New Zealand is booked and confirmed!
I'm very excited, and a little stressed.
Will I be able to pay it off in time? Will I get flights? Stupid brain!
The trip isn't until September, I have a lot of time to plan and organise.
The trip is 16 days and explores the South and North island, starting in Christchurch and finishing in Auckland. There are a few places I wanted to see that I will miss, but I'm sure I will be back soon!
As a crazy, obsessive planner... I have already started my packing list! As well as the list of things I may need/want for my travels.
I want to try and do this trip as laid-back as possible. Travel stresses me out. Being overweight and travelling is tiring and stressful, but it will be the 1 year anniversary of my weight loss surgery while I'm away, so I should be considerably healthier. I'm already starting to feel healthier now. I'm down 35.6kg in less than 4 months, and on Tuesday I start Boxing. Very excited to start working out, doing something I think I will enjoy :D

It's looking good.

<3 Molly

02 January 2015


I completely forgot!
Yesterday was the 7th birthday of my blog!
Of this blog!
7 years I've been blogging (and considering there was 3 years prior to that on Myspace... thats 10 years of blogging!)

This blog hasn't always been The Princess & The Geek
it started as Mustangs & Cupcakes
then it was Eclectic Geekery
and then The Importance of Getting Lost...
then finally in 2012 it became The Princess & The Geek
and that's were it stuck!

What an amazing time I've had over the past 7 years.
I've never been overly worried about the number of followers I had
I just wanted to create a little space on the internet that was me.

This year I have acquires some more followers
more than I ever had in the 6 previous years
and I've discovered some awesome people
and made some awesome friends.

Thank you for your support and love.

Here's to the next 7 years!

<3 Molly