12 January 2015

New Zealand 2015 - Backpacks & Luggage!

I spent most of last night looking for backpacks online.
Even though I have a perfectly good Crumpler ASO Outpost backpack.
So I have given up the backpack search and I'm going to travel to NZ with my 25L backpack.
3 weeks with 25L of space (plus an extra bag (maybe a messenger bag))
As a chronic overpacker... this may be difficult for me, hence why I'm starting to plan now.
I'm thinking of getting one of these too...
A Crumpler Squid it's a stowable backpack. It unfolds to create a full size backpack. (and the colour I would choose is called "Snot Green" LOL!)
So that would give me 45L of packing space for my trip!

The next question will be... to laptop, or not to laptop!
I have a 11inch Macbook Air, so it's not going to take much room... but I hardly use it... and I have an iPhone 6 Plus now... so I probably wouldn't need to use it... at the moment I'm going with NO... but being able to watch a movie, or TV show on the road and in the evening... might be a good idea. It would fit, I have a dedicated space for it, in my Outpost.

I guess the most important thing to do is...
I cannae go anywhere without passport!

I swear I'm not that excited!

<3 Molly

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