11 January 2015

New Zealand 2015 - The Beginning!

My Contiki tour in New Zealand is booked and confirmed!
I'm very excited, and a little stressed.
Will I be able to pay it off in time? Will I get flights? Stupid brain!
The trip isn't until September, I have a lot of time to plan and organise.
The trip is 16 days and explores the South and North island, starting in Christchurch and finishing in Auckland. There are a few places I wanted to see that I will miss, but I'm sure I will be back soon!
As a crazy, obsessive planner... I have already started my packing list! As well as the list of things I may need/want for my travels.
I want to try and do this trip as laid-back as possible. Travel stresses me out. Being overweight and travelling is tiring and stressful, but it will be the 1 year anniversary of my weight loss surgery while I'm away, so I should be considerably healthier. I'm already starting to feel healthier now. I'm down 35.6kg in less than 4 months, and on Tuesday I start Boxing. Very excited to start working out, doing something I think I will enjoy :D

It's looking good.

<3 Molly

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