08 March 2015

Weight Loss Update

I haven't spoken about my weight loss in awhile.
I have a separate blog for weight loss stuff that I have neglected, but have decided I'll probably just move it to here, and add a tag :) I may change my mind again... but we will see!

So the question you're all asking is probably, how is it going?
The answer is, pretty damn well!

This morning I weighed 104.3kg, thats a loss of 47kg since August 2014.
I can now walk into a clothing store and buy from the NON-plus size section! That's right, I'm in size 16-18! I just can't believe it! I was trying clothing on in the non-plus size section and having to get a smaller size! I'm not into Jeansweast jeans yet... but I'm pretty damn close. They have Curvy Jeans, which are awesome and I probably would fit in them... but I want to get into a pair of their SUPER SKINNY jeans! My whole life I have wanted to wear skinny jeans... but it's been very hard to find them in my size... now I'm getting closer.
My bra size has gone from 26DD, to 16C... I'm not even worried about the loss of boob size... I just excited I can now wear pretty sexy bras (I understand that there is pretty sexy bras in size 26DD, but they were hard to find in town... or very expensive! YAY for $12 BONDS bras!!!)
I have teal hair now too (you have probably seen the photos on instagram to my other blog) and it's awesome. People either love it... or don't say anything!!
I haven't jumped on the exercise train yet... I tried, with boxing... but I got sick and didn't go to one... then I had an appointment, and then I was sick again... so I have missed heaps, and just don't feel it anymore.

I'm heading to New Zealand in September (like I don’t talk about it enough!!) I'll be there for 20ish days. Thats the longest I've been away from my family... and the futherest I've been away from home... and not to forget A WHOLE DIFFERENT COUNTRY! I'm pretty much have travel and New Zealand on the brain... every time I'm online, I'm on Pinterest looking at photos of NZ, or looking at packing and travel tips... I've gone crazy! It's way to early for me to even be worrying about this sort of stuff yet... I don't even have a passport yet... (I'm close... just need the money... and the interview!)

I'm very excited about 2015. I can't believe it's March already!

<3 Molly

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