16 April 2015

Things I Love Thursday

I'm in love with Billy Talent... again... but always!
I have loved them for many many years!
And like your favourite bands, they sometimes just fall to the side, while you listen to the new music of new artists, but eventually you find your way back to them!

I recently discovered they had released a "Hits" CD (I say CD, but seriously, I haven't bought a music CD in 5 years!), but since I have ALL their albums, I ignored it... until I realised there were 2 NEW songs! OMG! I downloaded them straight away and haven't been able to stop listening to either... but especially...

Chasing The Sun - it's a sad song, written for one of the extended Billy Talent family who passed away recently :( I love how Ben and Ians' voices compliment each other in this song!

So now... my playlist has this song in it 6 times... as well as the rest of my favourite Billy Talent songs. Of 28 songs... there is 6 that aren't Billy Talent! It's the best. playlist. ever!

I would really love for Billy Talent to come back to Perth, Australia on tour! I saw them in 2009, they were amazing! I would really love to see them again!

If you listen to Billy Talent, what's your favourite song?? If not, recommend me an awesome band for me to check out! I'm always looking for new music!

<3 Molly

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