31 May 2015

April/May Goal Recap

Time to recap the last couple of months, including how good I am at NOT completing my goals! Here's the April/May Goals post, if you would like to refresh your memory!

Post a review of my new backpack. Failed - still haven't found the time to do the review. I haven't even sat down and looked at it probably myself. It's very pretty, and it should fit everything in it, but thats all I know so far! I will review it before September... I promise

Ride to work, at least 5 times. I didn't ride to work, but I did walk to work (and home), about 7 times. Go Me!

Try not to stress over small stuff. I have been quite stressed over the past 2 months. Mostly because of issues at work, but I did a mini stress plan up, and I'm slowly working through each stressor.

Tattoo. PASSED! I am now tattooed! 2 tattoos to be exact! I want more!

10 May 2015

55 Little Things To Be Happy About

I'm feeling a little down at the moment. I've decided, instead of wallowing in depression, I'm going to attempt to make myself feel better, by writing a list of 55 Little Things To Be Happy About.
  1. Washi Tape
  2. Pawpaw Ointment
  3. Cold nights, and lots of blankets
  4. Sun showers
  5. Quote stickers
  6. Crispy apples
  7. Bacon and Eggs for breakfast
  8. Clean washing
  9. Parcels in the mail!
  10. Disney Movies
  11. Date stamps
  12. Minecraft
  13. Travel planning
  14. Photos of New Zealand
  15. House tour videos on youtube
  16. Banana smoothies
  17. Crossing things off my bucket list
  18. Pinterest
  19. Warm socks
  20. Trying to be organised
  21. Cookie dough
  22. Little cross stitches
  23. Ollie the weasel
  24. Sips Plays Cities: Skylines
  25. Writing lists
  26. Gotham
  27. Cleaning out my wardrobe
  28. New backpack
  29. Typewriter sounds
  30. Paper flowers
  31. Teal eyeliners
  32. Gift cards
  33. Lego mini figures
  34. Old photos
  35. Walking to work
  36. Floral dresses
  37. Boots
  38. Podcasts
  39. Reading a good book
  40. Winter scarves
  41. Butterflies in your stomach
  42. Kitten cuddles
  43. New perfume
  44. When people compliment new perfume
  45. Beanies
  46. Meditating during my lunch break
  47. Laughing until you cry
  48. Studio Ghibli movies
  49. Solving a problem
  50. Friday evenings
  51. Journal prompts
  52. Sales
  53. Fish & Chips
  54. Water
  55. Soup
I planned on a list of 101 Things, but as you can see, I made it halfway! I do feel better. I have a very busy week this week.
I'm seeing The Umbilical Brothers on Wednesday, and then heading to Perth to see Wicked on Saturday. I'm excited about both.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
What are some little things that make you happy?
Let me know in the comments

<3 Molly

02 May 2015

Tattoo For Me!

I had my 6 months post-surgery appointment last Tuesday (even if it's actually been 7 months) and everyone is happy, especially the bariatric surgeon. I have lost 65.5% of my excess body weight and 13 inchs off my waist. He's also told me it's time to exercise, and not walk to work exercise, proper, "sweat your arse off" (his words) exercise. At least 3 times a week, moving to 5 days a week in 6 months time. He has told me I can quite easily get to under 85kg in the next 6 months, and then I'll be at his goal weight (83kg), I'm happy the way I am now, but now I need to exercise to build muscle and tone my flabby skin :)
I don't have any exercise goals at the moment. I would like to ride to work and home (ride home - uphill - without getting off my bike) and I'm looking into yoga, for stretching and stress relief.

Work is causing havoc with my anxiety at the moment. I used to leave work and not think about it, until I went back, but now I'm thinking about it all the time, my mind is constantly trying to figure out whats going on, where I fit, how I can fix EVERYONES problems... it's stupid stuff that I shouldn't need to worry about. It's immature stuff, that only involves me a tiny bit. It's the overall feeling around work, the way others feel, affect me. I have downloaded an app called Headspace, which has short 10 minute meditation sessions, which have help (if I remember to actually do them)

I crossed something off my bucket list on Tuesday. Something I've been wanting to do for years, and finally after a couple of failed tries, did!
I got a tattoo...
Well technically I got 2 tattoos.
I finally got the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter tattooed to my wrist, and because I had some time left, I got a little Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service tattooed on my arm.
They're both healing at the moment (and quite itchy) so when they're healed I will get better photos, but here are the super fresh, just inked tattoos.

I need to sit down and do a mini life plan (again) and hopefully restart my health on Monday (which also happens to be Star Wars Day!)

Can anyone recommend some yummy protein shake recipes :)

<3 Molly