31 May 2015

April/May Goal Recap

Time to recap the last couple of months, including how good I am at NOT completing my goals! Here's the April/May Goals post, if you would like to refresh your memory!

Post a review of my new backpack. Failed - still haven't found the time to do the review. I haven't even sat down and looked at it probably myself. It's very pretty, and it should fit everything in it, but thats all I know so far! I will review it before September... I promise

Ride to work, at least 5 times. I didn't ride to work, but I did walk to work (and home), about 7 times. Go Me!

Try not to stress over small stuff. I have been quite stressed over the past 2 months. Mostly because of issues at work, but I did a mini stress plan up, and I'm slowly working through each stressor.

Tattoo. PASSED! I am now tattooed! 2 tattoos to be exact! I want more!

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