01 June 2015

June/July Goals

Winter is here! Lovely, lovely, wet, cold winter! This is my first winter after my weight loss, and boy, am I going to feel the cold this season!

2 more months worth of goals! I did soo well last time *sarcasm*

Start & maintain a bullet journal. I did this last August/September and it made my life so easy! I wasn't forgetting things, I was actually productive, but it got lost and forgotten when I had my surgery. http://bulletjournal.com is a really easy website to help you get started!

Write letters to my pen pals. I need to do this! I have no excuses. I'm a bad pen pal!

Gym. I joined the gym, so now it's costing me money to exercise, so I better go, and at least get my moneys worth! :)

Finish 1 Deadpool comic. I have 3, I've owned them for ages, but haven't read them yet. Deadpan has been annoying me in my dreams, so I guess thats his way of telling me to read about him! (and I don't think Spideypool counts *wink*)

Keep my room tidy. I have a rent inspection soon, so my room is actually clean and organised. The goal is to keep it like this!

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