27 July 2015

Blogger iPhone App Test!

Hello everyone
Today I'm testing the Blogger App for iOS. I've used it before, but not recently!
Since I'm heading to New Zealand in September, and I'm not taking my laptop (well I have decided not too at this point in time, this may change) so I thought I'd give the app another go!
The main thing I want to test is adding photos and how the layout looks! So here it goes!

Will it be centred when I publish? Will it look funny?
The issue I'm having right now, is the screen doesn't scroll when you type to the bottom, it just keeps going under the keyboard! You have to manually scroll to see your text!!

I can't seem to adjust the size of the image in the app! That would be nice!

So nows the time to hit publish and see what it looks like! I will not edit this post after I've published it, even if it looks silly!!!

44 days until my trip!!

Love Molly xoxo

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