02 December 2015

The Happiest 5K


Way back at the beginning of November I crossed something exciting off my bucket list, I participated in a Colour Run in Perth, Western Australia. It was amazing! I would like to share some tips with you!

Included in the price of the ticket (depending on when you purchase the tickets, the prices change – early bird tickets are cheaper) you get a t-shirt, a sweatband (not shown), your race number and safety pins, temporary tattoos, and a medal and drink (you get these at the end) – there was an option to have the pack posted to you, but it was $12.95 per pack, and since I had ordered 3 packs I decided to pick up the packs at the location the day before.

A few things I recommend you take with you;
Water bottle (water is available at the beginning and at the halfway point) I didn’t see very many people with water bottles, but I recommend taking one just in case
Bandana – I didn’t use mine until the end to wipe my glasses, phone and self, but I ended up getting a mouthful of Shine which wasn’t very pleasant
Sunglasses are a MUST! The powder is super fine and gets everywhere, in your eyes, in your ears, in your nose (re: purple boogars!)
Sunscreen – especially for me in Australia (even when it’s overcast) the sun is fierce!
Hat – I bought a Color Run cap when I picked up my pack – it WAS white, and super comfy (and only $15)
Bumbag – I thought this was going to be a good idea… But I just strung it over my shoulder – next time I will just take a small backpack
Ziplock bag for your phone – a must! Even when in your bag the colour will find a way!
Fun clothes – people had wigs, socks, tutus (including me!) and I even saw some chickens! White is best – I even saw someone wearing a wedding veil! 

It was an amazing day! Apparently over 23,000 people participated this time (that’s the most people to ever do the Colour Run in Australia) and it was awesome, but didn’t feel crowded! We left the start chute at around 9.30am and were finished around 10.40am, we walked a nice relaxing pace!

The colour coating was great (except for Orange… They just squirted use with orange water, but it didn’t leave a mark) and the Shine section was amazing! Glitter and sparkles EVERYWHERE! We got coated in Yellow, Blue, Orange, Sparkles, Purple, and snow (bubble foam) and at the end we were given a pack of colour to use as we saw fit (Slo-mo throw videos anyone??) we got coated in all the colours! It was amazing to see people who did the run and didn’t have much colour on them! Go wild people!


I highly recommend if you get the chance, DO THE COLOUR RUN!!
Thank you for reading!

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