14 April 2016

Things I Love Thursday

I'm having a little shake up of this blog at the moment.
I'm really indecisive about where I want this blog to lead.
It's always been a sort of personal diary, with a few reviews, geeky pics etc.
I want to be inspired.
There are so many bloggers that inspire me.
I want my blog to inspire people the way that you guys inspire me :)


So here's this weeks Things I Love Thursday
I know it's very similar to Friday Fancies but I'm hoping to try and do the 5 Friday Fandoms prompts on Fridays

-- Markiplier -- 
if you like watching Let's Plays on YouTube and haven't discovered Markiplier
I highly recommend checking him out.
He's hilarious!
I recommend
Five Nights At Freddys
Reaction Compilation playlist!

-- new sheets --
I bought new sheets for my bed!
I love when it starts to get cold and snuggling in bed with super cozy sheets!

-- AmyBlueIllustration Die Hard pins --
Bruce Willis & Alan Rickman!
Check out her store
There are many other awesome people pin!

If you've been living under a rock you may have missed
I have ordered this tee! I can't wait to rock it!
ps. if you sign up for Jordandene's newsletter you get free shipping -- always!

an amazing new blog
which talks about geekery and mental health

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