11 June 2016

New Zealand Video

It has been a couple of months (okay, over half a year) since I came back from New Zealand.
I've finally put together a short video of my trip!
I hope you enjoy it! (ps there are Kea in it!!)

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Music Talk - Big Bang

Lets talk about music.
My music preference is pretty varied, but is made up mostly of what JB Hifi used to classify as "Emo" (alas, they don't use that classification at their stores anymore, so I will call it Alternative Rock) - it's not exclusively "Alternative Rock", it does include Disney soundtrack, super bouncy pop songs, and even some Hip-Hop and Rap has made its way in.

Recently I've been pretty much exclusively listening to just one band - a band that I understand maybe 10% of the lyrics


They're from South Korea, and they're super talented!
Here's a little break-down of my favourite songs!
The first experience --- (don't ask me when and where, I don't remember! After that first "Fantastic Baby" I was hooked!)

The hard fall --- (this song cemented the love)

The most played

The current favourite --- (only listened to this song for the first time a couple of days ago!)

Other suggestions
Loser - We Like 2 Party - Lets Not Fall In Love

If you get the chance, check out their music videos. Their fashion is amazing!