22 October 2016

30 Before 30 - An Update

I have just found my 30 Before 30 list! At the bottom is the countdown timer... 27 days! There is still heaps of things on that list I need to do! Have a look at my list - I'm surprised that I managed quite a few, but alas, there are some I won't be able to complete by my 30th birthday (donate blood, Anzac dawn service) but there are a few I will attempt in the next 4 weeks! I have highlighted them in the list!

1. Bake a Angel Food Cake with Meringue Frosting [recipe here] [DONE - 30th October 2016]

2. Get a Tattoo [DONE - 28th April 2015, 16th September 2015, 16th April 2016]

3. Weigh under 100kg [DONE - 28th March 2015]

4. Travel on my own [DONE - 9th September 2016 - 29th September 2016 - New Zealand]

5. Sew myself a dress / alter a dress I already own

6. Donate Blood [update - this I won't be able to do until after 28th May 2017, due to 12 month waiting period after you get a tattoo to donate blood :(]

7. Have an EPIC Dinner/Tea Party [UPDATE - will my 30th birthday party count??]

8. Own a KitchenAid Electric Mixer [DONE - completed 20th November 2013]

9. Get my First Aid Certificate [DONE - completed in August 2013]

10. Travel Overseas [DONE - 9th September 2015 - New Zealand!]

11. Meet some blogging friends

12. Drive from Perth to Sydney

13. Go Skinny Dipping [UPDATE - really not feeling confident enough to go skinny dipping before my 30th. Its something I would love to be able to do one day - but I really need to build on my body confidence :)]

14. Go to ANZAC morning service on Anzac Day [Update - this obviously can't happen between now and my birthday!]

15. Read 10 Books

16. See 4 Major musical productions [1. The Lion King at Capitol Theatre - 5th July 2014] [2. Les Miserables @ Crown Theatre, Perth - 23rd January 2015] [3. Wicked @ Crown Theatre, Perth - 16th May 2015] [4. The Lion King @ Crown Theatre, Perth - 9th January 2016]

17. Own a Digital SLR Camera [DONE - 8th June 2015]

18. Visit every state & territory in Australia [WANSWVic • SA • Qld • Tas • NT • ACT]

19. Grow Forget-Me-Nots

20. Make Basil Pesto

21. Fill a whole notebook with my thoughts/inspirations

22. Pay off one of my credit cards [DONE - 9th May 2015]

23. Be Happy with my body [UPDATE - slowly getting there :D]

24. Have a The Hobbit/Lord of The Rings Extended Edition marathon (in one sitting)

25. Fill my Adventure Fund jar with money! [DONE - was cracked open on 7th September 2015]

26. See Aurora Australis

27. Create a Happy Book / Memory Journal

28. Go a week without technology [UPDATE - this will be really hard for me because I've just ordered a new iPhone 7 Plus :P]

29. Go Camping

30. Adopt a Cat [DONE - 1st April 2015]

The main thing I would like to complete on this list is the Angel Food Cake! It's something that I have always wanted to make, but has terrified me! I have never even eaten Angel Food Cake before, but I assume it's amazing! 

this version by the farmers daughter looks amazing!

I recently re-found a small notebook I had been using for thoughts and inspiration. I put it in my bag a couple of weeks ago and have been slowly adding to it. I always become super inspired by new notebooks, but then after awhile I start to lose interest, then they get forgotten all together. Then the whole cycle starts again. I'm going to try and not let this happen with this notebook! It's small (Moleskine Daily Pocket Planner) so it's easy to carry around. I already have a pencil case full of pens and such in my page, and my travel watercolour palette is super easy to cart around!

Everthing I don't finish on this list will most likely go on a 40 Before 40 list [haha]! What would you have on your list? Do you have a similar list? I would love to hear some of your ideas.

Molly xoxo

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