17 October 2016


Hello everyone! Wow it's been a really long time! I've been super busy with life, and haven't really been feeling like blogging. Here's a quick little update/currently list to get you back into it.

I haven't really watched much lately - unless you count The Block, and re-runs of The Great British Bake-Off! I watch A LOT of Youtube! My favourites at the moment (not including my ALWAYS favourite Yogscast) is Markiplier, both Keralis and BDoubleO's Planet Coaster series, and anything from BuzzFeed!

I honestly haven't had my computer turned on in months! This weekend finally turned it on and spent sometime tidying up and deleting old files, including lots of music that I just didn't listen to anymore. I have been very busy making a playlist for my 30th birthday party in November, as well as some playlist based on my favourite fictional characters - Kylo Ren playlist anyone?

Water - lots and lots of water... and the occasional Pepsi Max here and there!

The weather to warm up. We were teased with 2 days of sunshine and warmth, only for the wind and rain to start up again! I just want to get out of the house and go exploring, and do some gardening. I recently got my camera out and charged and am inspired to actually use it not in Auto mode! So I'm going to teach myself how to use it!

My hair to grow out. it's in that "medium length, waiting for it to grow out, trying not to get annoyed and chop it all off" phase! PLEASE GROW FASTER!

Despite the fact that WE don't need another cat, I'm loving "babysitting" a teeny grey kitten we have christened Greyskull. He was found in the carpark at our local Bunnings, was only 4 weeks old and had to bottlefed. Now he's a feisty little 5 1/2 week old who has started eating solids and is so cute and spunky! (he's currently asleep in a beanie on the end of my bed!)

Childrens books! In the last couple of weeks I have bought so many beautiful picture books! Wonderful stories, so simple and clever. It has inspired me to start thinking about writing my own!

The cold weather. The fact that shift+i on my keyboard doesn't work (I have to turn on caps lock to get a capital I).

Despite my complete and utter lack of blogging, I've still been active on Instagram (for all the cat photos!), and Pinterest (for pretties), so feel free to follow me on both :)


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