28 December 2016

Life Update

It has been awhile - again, I could list all the normal excuses, but I won't - I bet you're getting sick of hearing them - I am. Here's a quick post about the last couple of months!

I TURNED 30. Thats right, I'm no longer in my 20s - do I have to start acting more like an adult? should I increase my adulting quota to 50% of the time? I wanted to have a party to celebrate my 30th. I had never had a big party, not for my 18th, or my 21st - so I felt like I needed to have one. So my sisters and mum organised it for me - and it was amazing! If you follow me on Instagram you would of seen some of the photos! The party was a couple of days before my actual birthday - on my actual birthday I did something I wanted to do forever - I climbed Castle Rock (it's a local spot) it was amazing - I got to hang out with some old highschool friends - it was a great day! (+50 ADULTING)

I GOT A PROMOTION. This actually happened about 6 months ago, but I don't think I had mentioned it. I'm now working towards becoming Assistant Co-Ordinator at my work. Because I haven't finished my studies yet, I'm still working towards - but I'm one unit away from finishing! (+100 ADULTING)

STARTED PLANNING AN EPIC ADVENTURE. My sister and I are planning an overseas adventure for 2018 - Japan and South Korea. We are currently obsessed with K-Pop (-20 ADULTING) so we really want to head to South Korea and experience the culture. We have both started learning Korean, and have started saving. I'm worried I won't be able to save enough, but I'm just going to stop spending money on things I don't really need :) (+50 ADULTING)

K-POP. Seriously, have you been on my Pinterest? I'm obsessed. It's pretty much the only music I've listened to in the last couple of months. I'm planning my clothes and fashion based on what I see them wearing, my phone background... I know all the names of the members in my favourite bands - we even named our new cat Maknae (Korean word for the youngest in the family/band). I've even started caring more about my appearance (which is a pretty big thing for me - I never cleansed, toned, moisturised my face, I rarely wore makeup - that has all changed since I started listening (and watching) K-Pop) --- if you're interested check out BTS (current faves), SF9, Astro (both debuted this year) and of course, BIGBANG (the best!)

NEW TATTOO. Just a little one - I had a really bad mental week that resulted in something I'm ashamed of and will not talk about - so I booked a tattoo! I got it done on Christmas Eve, and I think it has helped me get through. It's the words "Look Up" on my wrist. To remind me the keep my head up, to never stop looking at the sky, never stop learning, exploring, being me, and to never walk with my head down! I'm planning a matching one on the other wrist - but need to save up some money.

2016 CAN END NOW. 2016 was pretty sucky! Of course there were some great moments, but personally compared to 2015, it was pretty shitty. Bring on 2017!

Love Molly xoxo

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