2012 Bucket List

I organised my Resolutions/Yearly Todo list in 7 categories. I plan to add to them throughout the year, but this is what I’m starting with. I’m going to start my “New Year” on 26th December 2011, because that’s when the dates in my diary starts.
I will try and post when I complete a “task”.
Have a giveaway on my Blogger.
Have guest bloggers.
Do a Video Blog.
Go to a Market and sell some badges.
Knit something.
Cook something by making it up as I go.
Make myself an item of clothing.
Throw a tea party.
Have a Garage Sale.
Make Cookies & Cream cheesecake (30/04/12)
Explore my home city.
Go to the beach. 
Go to Sydney/Melbourne.
Get a passport.
Read 5 books. (0/5) (I don't remember finishing a single book this year :( I fail at life)
Watch 15 new movies. (0/15) (I've definitely watched 15 movies over the year. I just haven't recorded them :D)
Meet new Famous People (Alfie Allen & Matthew Reilly)

Pay off my credit card. 
Buy less new things and more second hand things.
Donate Blood.
Donate $100 to a charity. (I've donated $60)
Perform 10 Random Acts Of Kindness. (I haven't recorded my RAOKs but I'm sure that I have)
Dye my hair.
Get my first tattoo.
Get my ears pierced again.
Lose 10kgs.


  1. I love how organised your list is haha good luck completing them all hunni :) x

  2. Fantastic list - do hope you especially get to do the others list.

  3. Great list! The best part is that it's not something UTTERLY X-TREME! But they are all awesome accomplishments :)